Oct 5, 2015

Monday Morning Quotes (Paul Vincent Spade)

You wheel your grocery cart up the cash register, and as the cashier is ringing up your purchases, all of a sudden she stops, looks up, and asks you about your political preferences, or your views on abortion. What is your reaction? Well, unless you’re one of these know-it-alls who like to preach your views to everyone around, you’ll probably tense up.

Whatever you say out loud in that case, you’ll probably be thinking, "That’s none of your business. Just shut and ring up the groceries.” In other words, just do your job, just be nothing but a cashier. Why? Because then I know how to deal with you, I know what to expect and what I am supposed to do in response. That’s secure and reassuring. But once the cashier begins to act in unpredictable and erratic ways, that cozy and familiar situation is shattered. And that’s hard to deal with.

Paul Vincent Spade discussing Sartre's Bad Faith
I think Sartre's notion of bad faith finds a good demonstration in this quote. When in bad faith we allow our ego with its infinite freedom to be reduced to a practice or activity wherein we follow set rules. We lose ourselves within the role.

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