Mar 4, 2015

Wed Review (Dolores Cannon - the Convoluted Universe)

Speculations put forth under the lie of 'truth'. Defenders of her logic claim that "I'm not open minded", as though open mindedness were synonymous with gullible. Her work has logical inconsistencies (the law of consistency being one of the only metaphysical premises that is hard to doubt).

The author seems to dress up speculation as fact to deceive her readers in the pursuit of cash.

It seems like the people that believe in this type of stuff don’t believe in the scientific method but that doesn’t stop them from spewing “facts”. But if a fact can’t be observed, measured, or tested in any kind of way, how can you criticize me for not belieiving?

They say crazy stuff like the vibration densities of the earth, which have no operational definition. They seem oblivious to the idea that modern science is pretty crazy too (at least I think the concepts like dark matter and quarks and all the modern physics are pretty amazing).

It seems to me that there doesn’t need to be a separation between these ideas and science. Their fear is that science will reveal that most of these “truths” are theories at best. Science doesn’t allow lying because its all about collecting new knowledge and correcting knowledge – two things that are incompatible with dogmatic faith.

I really wouldn’t be concerned about any of this. I think its completely fine if someone wants to live in blind faith – its their business. Its when people comment like the woman above that I hate this stuff…

“Robby, I am also the mother of a son like you. He is going through a similar event and is facing severe depression. I myself have experienced a Past Life Regression followed by a Life Between Lives Regression where I was told he is of the highest spiritual beings.”

Its completely unfair to claim that this stuff is “truth” when someone’s well-being is on the line. I was a very depressed teenager and the last thing, the very last thing I needed was some one spewing crazy bullshit at me and telling me I am depressed because I’m “of the highest spiritual beings” and tell me about my past lives. I needed rational thought and true caring. Not lies.

You can’t hide behind the blanket statement “it can’t be tested by scientific methods”.

You can’t have an experience and then state that its a truth. The only truth is that you had that experience. To go beyond that conclusion and make statements about the nature of reality is faulty at best. I can have a dream – it could simply be my mind creating images and sounds or it could be a trip into a past life. To say conclusively either one is true is faulty.

There are no absolutes in science – all science can be changed and altered based on new data – so don’t say that it is narrow-minded. Its not because it changes. It makes assumptions in order to progress. The internet wouldn’t have been created if we didn’t make assumptions about the nature of electricity, for example.

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