Mar 25, 2015

Wed Review (Alan Moore - Brought to Light)

The Bill Sienkiewicz drawn story would have been cool if Moore had developed it like he did his Jack Ripper conspiracy in From Hell. As it stands its a dull rant about a CIA conspiracy, or something like that. I don't trust Moore enough to take what he says at his word - if I were more interested I would check out the sources that he uses. One of my friends is really into conspiracies (and he's intelligent and educated), so I'd rather just listen to him chat about it instead.

In general I like conspiracy theories because they get you thinking about the possibilities. They invite you to question the story as it's given to you in school, the mainstream texts, the news etc. But then they get all pissy when you question their story. What da heck!? The whole point is to question the stories you're told, the stories you assume to be true - why should I not take a stern skeptic stance to your new version of events?

My conspiracy friend likes to talk about how the people on the inside of the conspiracy like to hire people to pose as crack-pot conspiracy theorists - these people know the true version of events, pretend to dislike the given story of events, and create bat-shit-insane conspiracy theories to decrease the credibility of all the real, honest conspiracy theorists. I wonder which category Moore falls under.

So, it gets you thinking (if you don't already think about these sorts of thing - this is like the first time your Christian raised self discovered an atheist writing, but later we come back to that book and see that its inferior to many others on the same topic), but as a comicbook this fails.

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