Feb 25, 2015

Wed Review (A. Ralph Epperson - The New World Order)

Ever notice how people spewing bullshit like to WRITE IN ALL CAPITALS AS IF THIS PROVES THAT WHAT THEY ARE SAYING IS ACTUALLY OF ANY SUBSTANCE AT ALL? Eppeson deploys this rhetorical technique often.

This was a pretty interesting read, possibly because the author has such a strong personality - which, ironically, he tells us in a preface will not influence his analysis of the facts. He actually states that he is just relaying evidence that he has found to us, and will not have a bias in the matter.

My favourite part of the book is his attack of the secularism of public schools. He blames Dewey for this, and attempts an attack of Dewey's character. Yes, the man argues ad hominem. Dewey said he denies the existence of eternal truths, like the ones religion spews. Epperson hates this and, in capital letters, calls Dewey insane for denying eternal truths - because, you know, eternal truths are eternal, so how can they not be true? Epperson engaging in some desperate tautological horseshit.

With these criticisms in mind, I think this is a fairly good overview of the topics central to modern conspiracy theories and it was a fun read due to Epperson's hilarious interjections.

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