Jan 21, 2015

Wed Review (Age of Bronze: A Thousand Ships by Eric Shanower)

I read Homer's Iliad on a lark without knowing much about the text itself and was surprised when the I discovered that the book starts with the war of Troy already begun. This book sets out to tell the story of how the war got started. It begins with Paris's story and then the capture of Helen, and concluded with the Greeks assembling an army to attack Troy.

There were a few extremely interesting and exciting chapters, but also a few boring ones. I guess its this inconsistency that I disliked. The art is excellent and seems very authentic, the author included sketches in the book of how he designed the Trojan throne room, and the comic maintains a superb internal consistency concerning 'camera' angels and the physical environment. I actually felt at times like a fly on the wall in history.

The story is also pain-painstakingly crafted. I don't know much about how scholars have created the 'authentic' telling of this story, but the author appeals to the authority of scholars for the creation of this book. Nothing is done just because the author felt the whim to do something... that's probably why the book is at time boring though.

I will be reading subsequent volumes and will probably even check out more works concerning this time period/story that just the two Homer poems I've read. (also, I don't think you need to have read Homer to read this book - you could come in fresh).

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